Thursday, July 28, 2011

CCC Blog #2: A Few Tools of the Trade

Thursday July 28th, 2011

I thought I'd record a short little video with my cell phone camera and show you what I use (and what my sister Brandy suggested I get). My best friend (and group member) Jaime Baker has the same set up too. These are just suggestions...

Today, our inserts arrived :-) I have mine separated and ready to cut already. I may procrastinate and make that a job for tomorrow. For some reason I am worn out. It could have been the late night laundry I was doing along with that song Valarie Durham, one of our group members, blessed me with that got my blood pumping. Hey, just for fun, let me share it with you. Its not about coupons...but it was posted by Val last night and she and her husband are in Germany serving our country. Her husband Neal is a military chaplain. Thank you guys for what you do for all of us! Coupons can bring connection and Christian connection is a great thing and much needed! Here it is...

I looked through this weeks coupons by the way and there are some that should help us actually get the stores to pay us if we play it right. Speaking with group member Jaime Baker earlier, she said she felt that it as really going to work well at the Kroger in her area. We have no Krogers in Dothan. We have Winn Dixie, Publix, Piggly Wiggly (LOL..I know) and that's about it.

I thought I'd let you see the pic I took of the flyers that came...

Refer back to my wall post from earlier today to see how many pages there are to each of them. Then, if you have them, compare them to your circulars from this past Sunday's papers. See a difference?

Tomorrow evening I will try and blog a little about tips that BLOW YOUR MIND when you play the Walgreen "register rewards" game right. It is not a game as such but it is a system that can get you  FREE products!!!! I know because I have 24 free full size bottles of shower gel sitting on my shelf here in the room to prove it. I will post some pics too.



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