Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today's Haul + a MUST READ tip!

August 24, 2011

The haul for today...
This was such an exciting shopping day for me! You see, I am use to having no funds to hit the grocery store sales until Tuesday and that is the last day of the sales for the week. My new job has shifted my cash flow a bit and that allowed me to take advantage of some AWESOME deals the day they started.

Here's the scoop...

My sister Brandy had already done the "work" of hunting out the best deals based on the Publix and Winn Dixie ads which she views on the net first thing Wednesday morning. She met me at home just after I arrived home from work and shared her deal stories. She then helped me identify what mom and I thought we might want to take advantage of. Clearly, we have different food needs than Brandy's family. She has a pre-teen and a teen and they eat :-) So, twelve boxes of Aunt Jemimah frozen waffles are not needed at our house and we do not have the freezer space. We opted for four boxes:-)

Below, I will attempt to detail my haul but first let me give you one VERY IMPORTANT TIP!!!... When you shop somewhere like Winn Dixie that has a bonus card you carry or a customer loyalty card (I think that Kroger has this), DO NOT GIVE THE CLERK YOUR CARD UNTIL YOU HAVE HAD ALL OF YOUR ITEMS SCANNED and then LET THEM SCAN ALL YOUR COUPONS and then GIVE THEM YOUR LOYALTY CARD.

Why? Because giving them your card first may keep you from being able to apply some of your coupons, especially those that are buy one get one free. The best thing to do if they ask for your card is to say that you want to give it to them at the end of the transaction so you can see what savings is reflected on your receipt. This allows each item to go into the checkout system, then the coupons are presented and verified as being applicable towards the specific items you are purchasing. Then, when you give them your card, the savings are calculated against what they have promoted the item for if it is on sale. Believe me, it is the best way to do it. Don't hand your coupons to the clerk until the end of the transaction.

OK, now on to my haul and the details...

First stop, Winn Dixie.
6 Fab Liquid 32 load Laundry detergent:
Regular price $4.29 per bottle
Sale price (Buy one get one free or BOGO) $2.15
Coupon (four separate coupons for .99 cents each)
Final price per bottle: $1.16

12 Skinny Cow Clusters chocolate candy and Candy bars:
Regular price $1.09 per item
Sale price(BOGO) .55/.54
Coupon (.99 off two so I presented 6 coupons)
Final price $0.05 per item or $0.60 for all twelve

6 Hamburger Helper:
Regular price $2.00 per box
Sale price (BOGO) or $1.00 per box
Coupon ($1.00 off 2 boxes so I presented 3 coupons)
Final price $0.50 per box

2 Excedrin PM 40 count bottles:
Regular price $5.29
Sale price (BOGO) or $2.14/$2.15 for each
Coupon ($.075 and I used two coupons)
Final price $1.39/$1.40

That was all at Winn Dixie, where I spent $21.52 and saved $42.64!!!

On to Publix...

4 Lysol Ddisinfectant Wipes (70 count)
Regular price $4.89 per container
Sale price (BOGO or $2.44/$2.45)
Coupon ($1.00 off of two or $0.50 off each so I used 2 coupons)
Final price $1.94/$1.95 each

4 Aunt Jemimah Waffles boxes
Regular price $2.25
Sale price (BOGO or $1.12/$1.13)
Coupon ($1.00 off two or $0.50 each so I used 2 coupons)
Final price $0.62/$0.63 each

4 Ken's Marinades bottles
Regular price $1.45
Sale price (BOGO or $1.49/$1.50 each)
Coupon ($1.00 off each so I used 4 coupons)
Final price $0.45/$0.50 a bottle

4 Lipton Tea Bags boxes
Regular price $2.69
Sale price (BOGO or $1.34/$1.35 each)
Coupon ($0.60 off two or $0.30 off each so I used 2 coupons)
Final price $1.04/$1.05 each

2 A1 Steak Sauces
Regular price $4.29 each
Sale price (BOGO or $2.14/2.15 each)
Coupon ($1.00 off each so I used 2 coupons)
Final price $1.14/$1.15 each

4 Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies bags
Regular price $3.49 each
Sale price (BOGO or $1.74/$1.75 each)
Coupon ($1.00 off two or $0.50 of each so I used 2 coupons)
Final price $1.24/$1.25 each

4 Campbell's Select Harvest Soup
Regular price $2.49 each
Sale price (BOGO or $1.24/$1.25 each)
Coupon ($1.00 off 4 or $0.25 off each so I used 2 coupons)
Final price $0.99/$1.00 each

4 Kraft Mac and Cheese
Regular price $1.45
Sale price (BOGO or $0.72/$0.73 each)

Last but not least, check this out. This is one of those tricky ones but it is there and it is a great one. Watch and read carefully.

I did two sets of this deal....

Schick Titanium Quattro Razor
Regular Price $8.99
Coupon (Buy the Blade Refill Pack get the Razor FREE. See below)
Final price $0.00
Coupon applies ($2.00 off Razor)

Shick Quattro Titanium Razor Refill Pack
Regular Price $11.99
Coupon ($2.00 off 1 refill pack)
Final price $9.99
REVISED FINAL PRICE (With $2.00 credit from razor) $7.99

My friends, that is a $20.98 deal for just $7.99!!!!!!!

OK. My eyes are crossing and I must get some rest. Please visit our group on Facebook to share your stories and hear from others. You just might save a tone of cash :-)



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