Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ways to SAVE BIG!

August 23, 2011

Tonight, I wanted to mention the tremendous deal I got at Publix a week ago in more detail than I gave on the Facebook group wall.

Last week, I went to Publix and got the $1 deal on AXE Shower Gel, I also got Tylenol Precise Heat patches (Normally $8) for $2! I had a $3 mfg coupon and a $3 Publix coupon out of their kiosk coupon circular. I bought all five they had and tonight went back and bought a sixth one. It was because I had 6 mfg coupons (and all the free $3 I could use at my disposal) that I landed this deal. I also landed 12 boxes of Betty Crocker Cake Mix for $1 because of BOGO and a mfg coupon that allowed me to get .75 off of icing when I bought 2 cake mixes. In the end I got 12 mixes and 12 frosting for $24 ($2 per cake!) I also landed LARGE boxes of Kellogg's Cereal for about a $1 per box (Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks and Corn Pops) with my coupons and BOGO.

The key to this deal was not that the item was on sale, because it wasn't. It had a higher retail price than the competition. The thing here is Publix allows you to use a Publix coupon and a manufacturer's coupon in the same purchase. KEEP IN MIND, they will take ANY competitor's coupon along with an Mfg coupon. It can be there own (found in droves in their rotating kiosk at the entrance) or any other competitor or web coupon. They will not take 2 manufacturer coupons though.

I will say it again...know your store's coupon policies. Don't be afraid to ask someone in customer service for a printed copy if they have one. I found out that 2 local Publix will let you use unlimited numbers of coupons that clearly state on the coupon "Limit one per customer". I simply asked for clarification, if that meant per customer per day, per transaction or what. I was told with a smile that the management  at those two stores does not want their customers to have to drive back every day or go through the hassle of a multiple transaction sale. They simply said get what you want with no restrictions on multiple items and multiple coupons that read otherwise.

I have found that in some cases, a certain store will have the lowest price on an item and that buying the item at that store with a single coupon will beat some stores that take "stacked" coupons (One mfg and one store coupon). It has to do with the items listed retail price. This tends to happen rarely but it does happen. I landed Qtips at one place with only a single mfg coupon and got the best deal because Publix and others (tends to be grocery stores) had a considerably higher shelf retail price.


If you haven't read the previous tip blogs or it has been a while, go read them. The tips for getting your coupons in bulk remain the single best way to get the best deals in quantity, and that will help you build your stockpile.

Keep sharing this info with others and invite them to join our group or subscribe to the blog. If you have questions, suggestions or comments just let me know.



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